Where to Start

Create a practice that is as perfect for you, as it is helpful for
your clients and your community.

Perfection is in the eye of the beholder. As you look at and think
about your professional practice, imagine what it would be like if you could make it "more perfect" for you and your clients. What changes would you make?

PracticesMadePerfect knows it is often easier to see there is a need for change than it is to know where and how to start the change process. PracticesMadePerfect uses a developmental model that addresses your needs at every stage of change in your professional career and helps you identify where to start to ensure your success.

For example, if you are trying to decide whether to create your own private practice and wonder if you have the entrepenurial skills to succeed try the "Should I be an Entrepreneur" test. Try our Online Assessment.


You'll find you'll reach your professional goals more quickly if you are able to focus your attention on your best niche market sooner than later. First I recommend checking to see if your practice is ready for a relationship with Managed Care Organizations. You may find after taking the "Are You Ready for Managed Care" self-assessment you want to wait to open your doors until you have all the pieces in place for the Managed Care niche market.

Therapists currently in practice may want to take both assessments to validate their current practice design and discover their entrepreneurial strengths and weaknesses. Try the Online Managed Care Readiness Assessment.

If you are considering changing your present practice, click here for action guidelines.

PMP offers many practice development coaching and consultation programs for individuals and groups, as well as tools and resources that will enhance your outreach. Click here to read more.

PMP can even arrange a site visit to evaluate your office's strengths and identify areas of possible change.

Whatever your needs, there is a PMP approach that is right for you. To discover the most creative way to grow your business call 415-356-9809 today or email linda@practicesmadeperfect.com.


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Creative Ways To Grow Your Business

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