Should You be an Entrepreneur?

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I am able to see the big picture.
I enjoy taking calculated risks.
I have the emotional ability to bounce back after failure, criticism, or temporary setbacks.
I want to achieve financial independence.
I want to be in control of my own time.
I have some form of self-management tool or personal information manager.
I view situations down to the detail.
I feel comfortable delegating work to others.
I exercise initiative and take responsibility for my actions.
I manage my finances according to a good financial program.
I have a marketing plan.
I have a business plan.
I have enough money to support my business through the hard times.
I get things done on time and plan ahead.
I have willpower and self-discipline.
I enjoy a challenge.
I like to make my own decisions and try my own ideas.
I have mentors who help me as my business changes.
My family supports the risks and resource drains needed in starting up and running a business.
My time is worth money to others.
I have confidence in my ability to create a successful professional practice.
I am good at setting limits.
When personal problems come up, I do something about them immediately.
I keep good records.
I have some business experience.
At least one of my parents was self-employed.
I usually finish what I start.
My health is good and I take care of myself.
I get along with people.
I am a self-starter.