Creating A Private Practice

Newly licensed psychotherapists come from a variety of background and experiences. There are three aspects of Professional Practice that you should keep in mind.

Clinical Expertise ­ I believe a psychotherapist can ethically enter private practice as soon as they have a clinical specialty they feel comfortable with. I usually recommend that the novice profesional start in a group practice where they have easy access to seasoned professionals.

Professionals who have been working in the field at least 5 years generally have enough experience to develop an independent practice.

Business Acumen ­ A common complaint I hear from mental health professionals is they were not educated about how to run a business. Then again, many business development approaches are not appropriate for licensed professionals.

PracticesMadePerfect has solved these problems for you. The tools and techniques taught in the Home Study Programs How to Build and Market a Mental Health Practice and How to Get Referrals have been especially designed for honest, ethical business practices.

After taking the first course How to Build and Market a Mental Health Practice you will know where you stand in your readiness to create your own independent or group professional practice.

Professional Support - Professional Practice can be isolating. You need a network of professionals for backup and support. PracticesMadePerfect helps you identify and develop these resources through Individual or Group Consultation. Discover how Practice Development Coaching keeps you motivated and moving toward your professional goals.

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