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Should I Be an Entrepreneur?

If you are in private practice, or want to create one, you ARE and will be an Entrepreneur. The purpose of this self-assessment is to familiarize you with skills you will need to develop, or find resources for, to be a successful entrepreneur.

Once you complete the self-assessment, don't let a low score frighten you. When I started my firsts private practice I scored low on several questions. I took every setback personally, had trouble following up and finishing details, and to make matters worse, felt like it was more work than it was worth to delegate work to others. It became very clear, very quickly, that I had to deal with these limitations soon or put off reaching my Perfect
Practice for some time.

Take the plunge and assess your entrepreneurial skills. Click Here

Managed Care Readiness Assessment

Nothing will bring up passionate feelings more quickly than to take a stand on Managed Care, about any issue, in a room full of therapists. You may already know you do not want to work with managed care referrals so you can use this self-assessment to educate yourself about what you would need to put in place to work successfully with managed care organizations if you should ever change your mind.

For those of you who are not sure yet, and since you need to structure your time differently, use specific treatment protocols, set up your books in different ways to track payments and approvals, it is really more effective to be clear from the beginning, if you want to set up your office to take managed care referrals.

If you are already in practice, and taking managed care referrals, use this assessment to educate yourself about what you could do to upgrade your practice to work more effectivelly with MCO's.

Creative Ways To Grow Your Business

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