Managed care is a complex and specialized marketplace. You can save yourself a lot of time considering it as a market niche by taking the following self-assessment. Record your readiness in each of the following areas.

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I return telephone calls promptly.
I am a team player.
I have coverage for my practice when I am not available, i.e. vacation, emergencies, business travel.
My emergency backups have access to my records when I am away.
I have psychopharm consultants I can refer to.
I manage my tasks well and can get reports in on time.
I keep good clinical records.
I do my billing promptly and accurately.
I write goal oriented treatment plans.
I track my client's progress with clear and measurable progress steps.
I can verbally conceptualize a case and discuss it with colleagues.
I use informed consent and information release forms regularly.
I carry maximum malpractice insurance.
I manage my cases to include community and other self help resources in the overall treatment plan.
I understand and can use the DSM IV.
I have short-term treatment skills.
I have formal training in my specialty areas.
My office is client friendly.
I have a practice management system that tracks treatment authorizations and billings.
I keep accurate and timely financial records.
I have at least 3 years of post master's experience.
I can clearly and concisely describe my treatment philosophy.
I obtain a consent for treatment from every client.
I have access to and use the internet.